bridal bliss

{image from jcrew.com}
I recently got engaged to my boyfriend (fiancé!) on my 30th birthday.  Not 2 weeks after he proposed, I was on the hunt for a dress—of course, it was the one item on my list that I had no questions about—I knew exactly what I wanted.  

J.Crew has, undoubtedly, upped the game in their bridal department over the last couple of years so it was my first stop.  Not only do they offer an amazing and diverse selection of styles, but they are priced so reasonably!  It was important for me to find something simple, and elegant, so I quickly fell in love with the Silk Tricotine Goddess Gown.  Having worn a bridesmaid dress made of the same material last year, I knew it would be flattering and, most importantly, comfortable.  I am so excited about itnow we need to set a date!


  1. Looooove it! (when are you posting the shoes???)

  2. A beautiful gown for a beautiful gal...

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful dress! Happy planning to you!

  4. I love your dress Hana, can't wait to see it in person!!!