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I love being inspired to try something new—a new trend, a different style of a piece I already have, a new color.  But I especially love when it's something I can do almost immediately!  Lately I've spotted a couple of trends I'm looking forward to giving a shot in the coming weeks. 

A new way to wear a blouse: buttoned up all the way...

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And many new ways (25 to be exact) to wear a scarf: a la the Scarf Queen herself (thanks for sharing, JOAT!)...

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sale section: commando

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I have to admit it.  I am a huge fan of unmentionables... 

My favorite brand of undies is Hanky Panky (and I'm lucky enough to have an aunt-in-law who is a sales rep for them).  However, when it came to looking for a non-VPL (visible panty line) option for my big day, I explored some other brands at Nordstrom.

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I immediately gravitated towards these when I walked in, and made the executive decision to purchase them.  They were a perfect fit and for the rest of the summer I found them useful for several other dresses and skirts.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, commando will donate $5 for every product sold on their site during October.  I'm definitely planning to pick up a few extra pairs of these this weekend—it is for such a great cause! 


jason wu for target!

I just got the memo about Jason Wu being the next designer for Target (watch this video)!  This is very exciting news as I am a huge fan of his aesthetic.  The line will launch on February 5th and if his Spring 2012 collection (and the video) is any indication of what's to come, it will offer up lovely prints and fluid fabrics that are just delectable. 

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fall trend: tie-neck blouses

fall trend: tie-neck blouses

Tie-neck blouses seem to be making a big appearance this season. They are a lovely addition to your work wardrobe but also think a style that's a bit edgier would be fun to wear out for dinner with the girls.

I purchased the one above at H&M (in a print since I have too many solids) a couple of weeks ago for $9.99---what a steal!

Marc by Marc Jacobs sheer blouse
$328 - nordstrom.com

Vince Camuto black blouse
$99 - nordstrom.com

Bellatrix chiffon blouse
$78 - nordstrom.com

Tinley Road bow blouse
$49 - piperlime.gap.com

H M blouse
£9.99 - hm.com


sale section: all for fall at pacific place

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I just found out about this fabulous promotion at Pacific Place earlier this week through Seattle Met Magazine's fashion blog and wanted to share with you shoppers in town. 

Through this Sunday, you can score some great deals at shops in Pacific Place (25% off at Coach, 15% off at J.Crew with a student or teacher ID, goodie bags at Barney's, etc.).  And, if you spend $100 in one day (save your receipts!), you'll get a $15 gift card to the mall—spend $300 and get a $50 gift card.  If you get hungry while you're shopping (I always do), you can mention "All for Fall" at Thai Ginger and Red Mango for a discount.
Pacific Place is open Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. 

Happy Shopping and have a great weekend!


new summer-to-fall nail colors

I love the look of well-polished nails and consider it an accent to my look year-round.  Recently I was in a bit of a rut with nail polish colors.  In the summer I like to trade off between neutral nudes and fun, bright colors... but I wanted something a little different this time.  I ended up finding these new Essie colors to doll up my fingers, and think they'll transition into fall (and some of these outfits) nicely.

a splash of grenadine

playa del platinum

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sale section: tibi outlet

I received a very exciting email last week from Tibi, inviting me to the launch of their new outlet... ONLINE!  I didn't want to get my hopes up in case the selection, sizes or colors were super limited, but had just decided I wanted to find a new dress to wear to a friend's wedding in Napa later this month so I clicked through...

I was overjoyed when I found this little number for $99!  It's perfect for the hot temperatures of the valley, and I love the color (plus I can wear it again for another wedding in town the following weekend).

I highly recommend checking out their site—I love these pieces for fall and their selection of bikinis for the end of summer, all offered at reasonable prices for their line. 

Spun Silk Corset ($55.50) + Sebastian Tweed Cuffed Pant ($89.40)

 Anouk Tweed Jacket ($112.50)
 Twiggy Embroidery Dress ($119.40)
 Pressed Flowers Bandeau + Tie Bottom ($31.20 + $29.70)

 Sierra Bustier Top + American Bottom ($33.90 + $28.50)

 Sting Ray String Halter + American Bottom ($29.10 + $28.50)

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tips n' tricks: taking care of your clothes

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Taking good care of your clothes will help them to stay nicer and even last longer.  I tend to be a bit maniacal when it comes to washing my clothes, but can definitely use a few tips myself when it comes to keeping them in good condition. 

1.)  Put your clothes on a hanger when you get undressed.  I will admit... I'm guilty of not following this rule myself all the time, but I'm getting better by doing this when it's a nicer item (like a silk top vs. a cotton t-shirt).   
2.)  Use a gentle wash cycle for delicates and don't use liquid bleach. Pure soap with a handful of baking soda is a much better, safer and more environmentally friendly option for bleach.

3.)  Try not to use a dryerthey can wear out your clothes and fade colors more quickly.  I hang dry all pretty much every piece of clothing (denim, cotton tops, workout gear, lingerie).  If you have the option of drying in the sun, it's a great (green!) alternative and... did you know sunlight is a natural disinfectant?  

4.)  Hang your clothes in the closet, and give them some breathing room.  If clothes are squished together, they will wrinkle or get that annoying hanger mark on the shoulders.  If you need help cleaning out your closet to make room, I've shared some tips here.

5.)  Seal the threads on buttons to prevent them from coming undone by brushing the center of each button with clear nail polish.  I LOVE this one (it's also a great way to use that topcoat that's just a little too old to use on your nails)! 

Good luck!


baby love

My mom and I went shopping for a baby gift yesterday and went to my all-time favorite place to buy children's clothingbabyGap!  I love shopping there because you can typically find great stuff on sale, and if you have a Gap Card you can save even more.  Plus, everything is 100 times cuter when it's a tiny, mini version of something you might buy for yourself.

I stumbled across these adorable items to purchase when they go on sale later this summer (it's a really good thing I have an adorable little niece to shop for)...

Sweater Pant ($15.96)

Leopard Hat ($16.95)

Moto Sweater ($29.95)

 Porto Cargo Pants ($26.95)

 Quilted Vest ($34.95)


pining for zara

I'm so sorry I've been MIA!  The last couple of months have been devoted to wedding planning and wedding execution.  Now that the big day has come and gone, I am back to being in full Wak In Closet mode and excited to share fashion news, more tips n' tricks and other style-related inspiration with you.

We'll start off with something hot off the press—Zara announced today that they'll be launching their US e-commerce site on September 7th!  In the last several years, Seattle has been fortunate to become home to retailers like the beloved H&M, Madewell, Neiman Marcus and Aritzia (from our friends up north).  The one brand we don't have yet is Zara.

Zara is always on my list of stores to visit any time I'm in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver... basically anywhere but here!  And I was lucky enough to pick up a few things when I was traveling this spring.  But I'm dying for them to land some real estate in town or get their e-commerce site up and running sooner than September so I can get my hands on some of these items...

top with stars $59.90
v-neck blouse $59.90
two-tone sweater $29.90
palazzo trousers $79.90
ankle-cropped trousers $49.90
quilted anorak $129.00
woven ballerina $79.90
wedge $59.99
plaited shopper $149.00
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The countdown is on... 36 days left!