inspiration: new ways to...

I love being inspired to try something new—a new trend, a different style of a piece I already have, a new color.  But I especially love when it's something I can do almost immediately!  Lately I've spotted a couple of trends I'm looking forward to giving a shot in the coming weeks. 

A new way to wear a blouse: buttoned up all the way...

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And many new ways (25 to be exact) to wear a scarf: a la the Scarf Queen herself (thanks for sharing, JOAT!)...

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sale section: commando

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I have to admit it.  I am a huge fan of unmentionables... 

My favorite brand of undies is Hanky Panky (and I'm lucky enough to have an aunt-in-law who is a sales rep for them).  However, when it came to looking for a non-VPL (visible panty line) option for my big day, I explored some other brands at Nordstrom.

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I immediately gravitated towards these when I walked in, and made the executive decision to purchase them.  They were a perfect fit and for the rest of the summer I found them useful for several other dresses and skirts.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, commando will donate $5 for every product sold on their site during October.  I'm definitely planning to pick up a few extra pairs of these this weekend—it is for such a great cause! 


jason wu for target!

I just got the memo about Jason Wu being the next designer for Target (watch this video)!  This is very exciting news as I am a huge fan of his aesthetic.  The line will launch on February 5th and if his Spring 2012 collection (and the video) is any indication of what's to come, it will offer up lovely prints and fluid fabrics that are just delectable. 

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