a minor, tassel-tastic DIY

I was recently re-introduced to tassels, and reminded how fun they can be to accessorize with, thanks to Potluck Paris.  On a visit to their office/warehouse a few weeks ago, I was gifted this amazing necklace which was made in-house by the lovely lady in charge (the idea was inspired by her recent trip to Paris, where she saw similar accoutrements)! 

After several wears (paired with the J.Crew necklace seen above to make a small "neck party"), I started noticing tassels popping up everywhere.  Then, I had an idea...

I had been in the market for a new clutch to add to my collection of one (this one in Poppy), and came across this gem on ASOSWhen it arrived, I really thought it could use a little zhuzhing... like a tassel!  I hopped onto Etsy and found a huge selection of leather tassels, and ended up with this, priced really well and not a lot to ship.  Using some pliers and a jump ring, I connected the tassel to the zipper and voila!

You can get a jump ring at any jewelry supply or bead store.  Remember to get one made of a metal that isn't super pliable so it doesn't come right off when you pull the tassel to open your clutch.