matchmaker, matchmaker: dress on a budget

Back in July, Cecilia, a co-worker of mine, asked me to help her find a dress to wear to a wedding the following month.  The wedding would be taking place in a park, so she wanted something summery, not too formal and fun, for under $50.  

I am a huge fan of budget shopping---I frequent Forever 21 as if it's Forever 31 (for the trendier items I know won't last long) and I love visiting consignment shops.  However, I knew I needed to look elsewhere for this request, particularly because Cecilia was in a pinch for time.  I immediately hopped onto Target.com, as they almost always have a nice selection of apparel all at a reasonable price.  What I found was the perfect match for Cecilia!  And, most importantly, she felt the same way.


  1. Great choice, Wak! Cecelia looks awesome...

  2. Very cute! I love the ruffles.