baby love

My mom and I went shopping for a baby gift yesterday and went to my all-time favorite place to buy children's clothingbabyGap!  I love shopping there because you can typically find great stuff on sale, and if you have a Gap Card you can save even more.  Plus, everything is 100 times cuter when it's a tiny, mini version of something you might buy for yourself.

I stumbled across these adorable items to purchase when they go on sale later this summer (it's a really good thing I have an adorable little niece to shop for)...

Sweater Pant ($15.96)

Leopard Hat ($16.95)

Moto Sweater ($29.95)

 Porto Cargo Pants ($26.95)

 Quilted Vest ($34.95)

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  1. OMG - that little dress is adorable!!!