tips n' tricks: taking care of your clothes

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Taking good care of your clothes will help them to stay nicer and even last longer.  I tend to be a bit maniacal when it comes to washing my clothes, but can definitely use a few tips myself when it comes to keeping them in good condition. 

1.)  Put your clothes on a hanger when you get undressed.  I will admit... I'm guilty of not following this rule myself all the time, but I'm getting better by doing this when it's a nicer item (like a silk top vs. a cotton t-shirt).   
2.)  Use a gentle wash cycle for delicates and don't use liquid bleach. Pure soap with a handful of baking soda is a much better, safer and more environmentally friendly option for bleach.

3.)  Try not to use a dryerthey can wear out your clothes and fade colors more quickly.  I hang dry all pretty much every piece of clothing (denim, cotton tops, workout gear, lingerie).  If you have the option of drying in the sun, it's a great (green!) alternative and... did you know sunlight is a natural disinfectant?  

4.)  Hang your clothes in the closet, and give them some breathing room.  If clothes are squished together, they will wrinkle or get that annoying hanger mark on the shoulders.  If you need help cleaning out your closet to make room, I've shared some tips here.

5.)  Seal the threads on buttons to prevent them from coming undone by brushing the center of each button with clear nail polish.  I LOVE this one (it's also a great way to use that topcoat that's just a little too old to use on your nails)! 

Good luck!

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  1. Great tips! I think it's time for a closet clean out... :)