new favorite color combo: nah-vy blau + black

Any Father of the Bride fans out there?  "Nah-vy blau" is how Franck (Martin Short) pronounced navy blue, when he pointed out George Banks' (Steve Martin's) Armani tux was not the black color it was supposed to be... it's one of my favorite movies of all time, but I digress.

On a recent shopping expedition for Coco's wedding (on a bridesmaid dress hunt!), she suggested I try styling my black pencil skirt, which I typically only wear in the summer, with this navy blue sweater (plus black tights and pumps or boots).  While I have come to fully embrace pairing brown and black, doing the same with navy and black has taken a little longer.  But with this recent suggestion, I realized the trick to really making it work for me is to pick a nah-vy blau that has a little more of a purplish hue. 

Here is some inspiration I'm loving... give it a shot!  

(ps. A few weeks ago, pre- my nah-vy blau obsession, I also purchased this polish which is gorge.)

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 {image via - thanks Amazon Fashion!}


  1. Lahhhve it, Wahk. Can't wait to see you in the nahvy blau/ black ensemble.

    Hanck + Franck

  2. It goes with everything, casual or dressy, and the color is perfect. It is very comfortable to carry leather tote bags on my shoulder. Cwmalls.com does a great job!

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