tips n' tricks: online shopping

Over the years, I have become more and more of an online shopper.  I've come to know the brands I love (and trust), understand what sizes I am in these brands, and picked up some tools of the trade to save a little change along the way.  

Here are my top 5 things to remember when you are shopping online, and hopefully it saves you a little dough in the new year:

1. I always look for free shipping and free returns.  Many retailers have adopted this, but in my opinion, there is nothing worse than paying for something to get to you, having it not work out, then having to pay for it to go back to where you bought it from.  Argh!  Piperlime, Shopbop and Zara are my faves.  Free returns are also easy if you have a store near you, like J.Crew.

2. I price compare if there is something specific I'm looking for.  Example: I wanted this beautiful Joie top so I looked for it on ShopStyle.com.  This is the easiest way to see what sites carry a brand or item you want.  Amazon had the lowest price because it was on sale (shameless plug...)---cha-ching!  Sold.

3. I prioritize retailers who do not charge sales tax.  An added benefit to online shopping is purchasing something from a retailer not located where you live (Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales for us in Washington) because you don't get charged sales tax.  Love!

4. If I don't need something right away, I go to ShopStyle to set a sale alert.  ShopStyle will then email you when the item goes on sale.  Brilliant!

5. If you want something the same day, Nordstrom offers same-day delivery.  This is a new-ish benefit (in Seattle) and I think it's fabulous.  You can also see if the things you want are available in a store near you, then go pick it up in person.

Good luck!

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