recycle your clothes at H&M!

Some of my closest friends know how neurotic I can be about recycling, composting and in general, doing good for our precious earth.  If I took this neuroses just a small step further with people, it might make or break a friendship...

This is why I am so excited to hear about H&M's new global recycling program!  Beginning in February, shoppers will be able to exchange used clothing for discounts in select H&M stores, including the downtown and U. Village locations here in Seattle.  You can bring in any piece of clothing from any brand in any condition and you'll receive a voucher for an in-store discount (yet to be announced) on a future purchase.   

What will happen to your old clothes?  H&M is partnering with a global recycling company called I:Collect, which will reprocess the used textiles to create new garments with them.  Because 95% of clothes that end up in landfills can be used again in some capacity, H&M wants to reduce the environmental impact of garments and create a closed loop for textile fibers. 

While I am not a super frequent shopper of theirs, this definitely gives them major cred in my book, and possibly a few more visits post-February!

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